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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Taring Babi

Taring Babi is an independent community, also known as Marjinal, AFRA (Anti Fasis, Anti Rasis), and Tempe Quality.
Mike, one of the founders of Marjinal says that one of their main aims is to fight against discrimination of all kinds by exposing the everyday discrimination against punks. 'Because we have tattoos and piercings, people, and particularly the media, label us to try to dismiss our message. Punk is not a fashion statement. It is a way of life which is about being independent and opposing injustice.'

Marjinal has been agitating with their music and art in the outskirts of Jakarta for almost ten years. As a community, they are committed to fighting for equality and justice and often joins forces with local bands, media collectives, and workers' organisations to build events and campaigns that are inclusive and creative. Their homebase also serves as a distro where they sell tshirts, badges, pins, and albums they have made, as well as a printing studio.

a: Jl. Moh Kafi II, Gg Setiabudi No. 39,
Rt.11, Rw.8 Srengsengsawah, Jagakarsa, Jakarta Selatan
12640, Indonesia
t: 021-7270666

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editor: aku gemar muzik dari MARJINAL...dengar kata kugiran ini akan datang ke malaysia tidak lama lagi..

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