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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

shoot yang pertama

shot yang pertama :-
Lokasi:- Kawasan Padi area Sama Gagah, Permatang Pauh
masa:- petang...

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Nikonian Annual PhotoTrip 2008 is here!

The time of the year you have been waiting for!
Nikonian Academy's Annual PhotoTrip 2008 is on 26th, 27th and 28th Dec 2008.
This year, we are going to Penang Island.

Some fascinating agenda of this year's PhotoTrip:
  • 3 days, 2 nights (Hydro Majestic Hotel, in Batu Ferringhi, Penang)
  • A total of 14 shooting and workshop sessions (divided into multiple Tracks - you choose the workshops that you like to join!)
  • Heritage & Cultural shoots
  • Model shoots
  • Professional Workshops (such as Wedding Photography, Commercial Photography, Macro Photography, Studio Photography, etc)
  • Night Photography
  • Seaside Bikini Shoot
  • and many more... all coming to Penang this December!
Our Cool PhotoTrip concept:
  • Owners of any camera brands are welcomed to join this PhotoTrip.
  • Participants are allowed to enroll any workshop/track they desire (and pay only for the workshop that you enrol).
  • Camera Equipment Sales Carnival - with special prices just for this event!
  • Event will be held at the beautiful Hydro Majestic Hotel (by the famous Batu Ferringhi seaside in Penang).
  • 3 Photo Contests (Best PhotoTrip Photo & Best PhotoTrip Swimsuit Photo & Best PhotoTrip Female Photographer) - with amazing 8 prizes to be won!
Package Price: MYR790 per participant
Non-package Price: MYR65 per participant per workshop
Kindly refer to this webpage for more detailed info of the whole PhotoTrip

pls log on :-

akhirnya aku memiliki kamera SLR NIKON D80

aku bersyukur kpd allah s.w.t kerana nikmat dan rezeki aku yang dimiliki di atas pemberian yang Maha Esa, akhirnya aku dapat membeli kamera SLR yang aku idamkan selama ini..


Harga:- Rm3000/-
Tempat :- K&Y Camera Shop TKT 3 , Gurney Plaza Pulau Pinang

Jam:- 6.30 petang

Sunday, November 09, 2008

yahooo..Arsenal wins beat Manchester United (2-1)

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United

Arsenal beat Barclays Premier League champions Manchester United 2-1 at the Emirates Stadium.

Arsene Wenger got the response he wanted as Arsenal bounced back from last week's defeat to Stoke City, with victory over United.

Gunners manager Wenger admitted dressing-room morale was low after their draw with rivals Tottenham Hotspur and defeat to Stoke - but Saturday's win breathes life into their campaign and lifts them above United in the Barclays Premier League table.

Goals from Samir Nasri provided the attacking threat, taking advantage of slack marking in each half to grab his fourth and fifth of the season.

Rafael da Silva, on as a substitute, volleyed home to give Sir Alex Ferguson's men hope, but it was not enough as Arsenal claimed the points.

ed:- aku berbangga ngan kerjayaan Arsenal menewaskan MU (2-1)

walaupun aku bukan peminat bola Bagi edisi english league, tapi aku yakin bahawa MU tidak akan menjadi juara Liga Perdana...........

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Taring Babi

Taring Babi is an independent community, also known as Marjinal, AFRA (Anti Fasis, Anti Rasis), and Tempe Quality.
Mike, one of the founders of Marjinal says that one of their main aims is to fight against discrimination of all kinds by exposing the everyday discrimination against punks. 'Because we have tattoos and piercings, people, and particularly the media, label us to try to dismiss our message. Punk is not a fashion statement. It is a way of life which is about being independent and opposing injustice.'

Marjinal has been agitating with their music and art in the outskirts of Jakarta for almost ten years. As a community, they are committed to fighting for equality and justice and often joins forces with local bands, media collectives, and workers' organisations to build events and campaigns that are inclusive and creative. Their homebase also serves as a distro where they sell tshirts, badges, pins, and albums they have made, as well as a printing studio.

a: Jl. Moh Kafi II, Gg Setiabudi No. 39,
Rt.11, Rw.8 Srengsengsawah, Jagakarsa, Jakarta Selatan
12640, Indonesia
t: 021-7270666

untuk selanjutnya sila layari :-

editor: aku gemar muzik dari MARJINAL...dengar kata kugiran ini akan datang ke malaysia tidak lama lagi..

Friday, November 07, 2008

selamat pagi

selamat pagi dan salam hormat

maaf la jikalau situs blogger aku blom mengupdated............:)

sibuk ngan urusan kerja ....berlambak..joget lambak.......... :D

insyallah..aku akan upload gambar dan cite2 sensasi :)